Jo - Hullbridge: Shape up for my 40th Birthday

Hi it's Jo, I have been working out for years at the local gym attending the spin classes, pump, body attack and road running but I was in my comfort zone! And I was thinking that I needed a change...

I was at a charity event and my mum in law won a donated voucher for for some "Insanity" training sessions - well she is nearly 70 and not into insanity training so I was excited when she gave it to me... When I called the number I realised it was the same "Jon Brown" who everyone knew and recommended!

I called Jon up to book the insanity classes initially and from there I arranged a consultation for a few PTs to get into shape for my 40th birthday and I haven't looked back since... I have been going to Jon weekly (sometime twice a week) for about 18months now... 

He is brilliant! He certainly knows his stuff... Jon really knows how to get the best out of you, he sets goals and no two pt sessions are ever the same! He always changes it up and keeps it interesting and it is certainly never boring!! 

I really enjoy working out at Jons studio... He makes it fun and I can really see the results! 

Whether you are looking for tri coaching or persanol training sessions Jon is fab... 

In his favourite word... we think he is "awwweeeesome!" 

Thanks Jon, 

Jo :-)